Company Profile
Shanghai Neturen Co., Ltd. has been established in October, 2003, and opened at the Jiading Industrial Zone in Shanghai City for development, production and sales of high-tensile strength wire for cold forming spring.??? ?
Shanghai Neturen’s initial capital of US$ 600 million and investment of US$ 1,500 million were increased to US$ 1,550 million and US$ 2,450 million in July, 2007 and December, 2008.?
The share percentages of investment are; 40%:for China Spring Corporation Limited, ?one of the largest spring manufacturer in China; 40%: for Neturen Co., Ltd.(Japan), succeeded to make induction heating technology to fit for practical industrial use in Japan; 15%:for Metal One Corporation, a leading integrated steel trading company; 5%: Nippon Steel Corporation, one of the most advanced steel manufacturer in the world. ????????
Shanghai Neturen will continuously join the advanced technology, the excellent human resources and the latest market demands of its parent companies to raise its highest level of quality and service to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. ?????
Shanghai Neturen has an advantage that its main facilities are designed and manufactured by its parent company, Neturen so that Shanghai Neturen can make immediately actualize what is required in the market. Shanghai Neturen also utilizes the highly advanced induction heating technology, so that the very small variation of tensile strength in one finished 2000MPa grade product which will contribute to reduce a dimensional failure of wound spring in the customer’s site. .?? ???
Shanghai Neturen utilizes electric power as energy source, and non-pollution water as a cooling method, so that Shanghai Neturen received the Advanced Technology. Certificate issued by Shanghai City in August, 2007 according to its ecological and energy-saving production system.

August 25, 2009